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Is there a way to create a script that can calculate weight according to what i input to it. For example lets say I will make a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" square and extrude it 5' now that just a stick that represent an actual 5' aluminum stick and calculating the weight of it is .6548 Lb/ft  X 5' =3.3LB. I would like the object info pallet to give that info. if possible every time a stretch the stick to make it longer it would automatically change it.If there a direction someone can point me out so can try to do the script on my own , It will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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You could attach a record with an object's density, and/or, its weight per unit_length. You cannot post the calculation in the OIP without creating a PIO to manage all attributes of volume & density, or length & wt/length, but you can easily (relatively speaking) get those values to display in a Worksheet.


A PIO would be a more elegant solution, and the values could easily display in the OIP, but the amount of programming is many times more complicated.



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Applying a Material should allow you to get the Density specified for that Material in a worksheet and then do the calculation there. But it won't show in the OIP.  And I am having a hard time getting the Density of the material into the worksheet. The way it is supposed to be working is not.


The nice thing about using a Material and Density, is that when to go to hollow stock instead of bar stock the weight calculation stays the same and you don't have to update the weight/length for each object.

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