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Twinmotion direct link should work with user origin coordinates



When you work on a georeferenced project, your twinmotion model will be distorted becouse of the high coordinate values. The solution would be using the user origin during the export process instead of internal origin.

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As for Cinema4D exports/exchange,

it will always use the VW file Origin - which is good.

And Cinema 4D also does not like geometry far from its internal origin,

for typical accuracy problems.


As Jeff mentioned, model's Z height may stay a problem.

I usually model my Buildings from entry level Z = 0.000 which works fine

for exports. But that needs to move the DTM's Layer in Z or similar.

Also I add an angle in georeferencing (north deviation), to align my Model

to XY in Plan View

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I think this whole issue could be solved with an easy direct link setup menu, where you could choose if you want to use the user origin for X and Y, and  you could reduce Z by a desired amount. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I logged a jira bug suggesting the Datasmith Direct Link Preferences dialog have an option to specify the origin in VB-188291 Twinmotion numeric precision issues

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