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Apple macOS 13 Ventura Compatibility - Feedback

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On 10/31/2022 at 5:25 PM, Dave Donley said:


Hello @Kees W Redshift is included with Vectorworks and is used when rendering in Redshift or in Renderworks render modes, which is often.  The first time this is done there is long pause (can be minutes).  After that the application works normally.  It happens again with every new Vectorworks session, it doesn't go away with new sessions.


Ah, I understand thanks. Found it in the RenderWorks style settings.


A little Off topic, but it doesn't work for me, it throws up an error "Redshift cannot operate with less than 128Mb of free VRAM. Aborting the render" I have an older 4GB Vega Pro card in an Intel MacBook Pro, so that message seems strange, but I'll assume it needs newer hardware (VW2023 SP1)


Would that mean the issue would not occur for me in Ventura. (this is mostly out of curiosity, I'm not updating yet.


The comment about pre-compiled shaders missing from the new OS also sparked my interest. If this is the issue, shouldn't the issue occur in VW2022 also? Again, out of curiosity.

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4 hours ago, GatRed said:

@Dave DonleyIs Vectorworks 2023 SP2 fully compatible with Ventura ? (including this Redshift plugin).


We are adding something like the following to the Ventura compatibility page linked above:


Vectorworks 2023 SP2 - Vectorworks is fully compatible with Ventura.
Known issues: Redshift GPU rendering shows a long pause when used for the first time in each session, then proceeds normally thereafter. Redshift GPU is enabled on high-performance GPUs such as M-series and Intel AMD 5600/5800. This problem will be corrected in a future Service Pack.

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Thanks for the update!

My MBPro running 2023.1 hung on printing (elevation hidden line rendering I assume?) and various mystery stuff, and this 2023.2 patch has (for now!) cleared that up.


2019 MBPro 2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9

Radeon Pro Vega 20 4 GB
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4


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Good morning


I would like to report an important BUG for CW windows. By copying and pasting the same window, they change the size. Trying the file on Big Sur DOES NOT HAPPEN. I'm about to try on windows.



PS: Maybe it's a matter of SP2 and not the operating system. I’m testing

PS2: it’s a regression from SP1. Tested on monterey, win11 and Ventura @Stephan Moenninghoff can we talk with someone?

PS2: VB-192280 created

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13 hours ago, Mark Aceto said:

Wast thinking about upgrading sooner than usual, and just read about an issue with a USB-C to DP external display connection. Is anyone here connecting their 4K monitor that way? Any issues with full screen native resolution or otherwise?




What do you mean by DP? I have a 43 and I have no problems

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