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Check-routine for 2D/3D geometry

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i never made a Marionette before, but i would like to learn it

and i have an idea for my first project.


Often it have to import a lot of 2D or 3D objects into my drawings.


I want to check, if my objects (mostly 2D polygons) have perfect 90° angles

or if other objects like 2D lines are drawn horizontally (0°) or vertically (90°) perfect to the actual axis.


I'm also a Sketchup (SKP) user. In SKP i have a option to temporary show me the objects with the

colors of the axis, if they align perfect with the axis direction.


Lines perfect to x-axis are temporary shown in red

Lines perfect to y-axis are temporary shown in green

Lines perfect to z-axis are temporary shown in blue

Other Lines are got a black color.


I often use this to check my geometry, i find this a very very useful feature in SKP 


Can i solve such a checking routine, with a Marionette?


/ / / 


Three projects i have in mind:


1.0 Check the selected objects (2D or 3D), if the edges are perfect aligned to the actual axis. if so, draw 2D or 3D lines on the same position

      on a new layer with the line-color of the  axis, if not, draw 2D or 3D lines on the same position on a new layer with black color.


2.0 Check polygons if they have perfect 90° angles and group all polygons which not have 90° angles.


3.0  Convert all polygons with 4 endpoints and perfect 90° angles to rectangles.


Greetings from Germany

… any many thnx for helping me out.


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