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rendering an environment

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Symbols included in the VectorWorks, Architect and RenderWorks programs have some of these elements that you are looking for.

Also, you can either create your own for multiple uses or use a third party source.

Here is a link to 3rd Party software on our website so that you may see if any have what you are looking for.


I hope this helps.


Brian O

Diehl Graphsoft, Inc.

Technical Support

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I have done several rendering for presentations and the most successful method I've found is to create all of your hard surfaces(the building, paving, etc) in VW and then export the model as an image file and use a Photoshop or equal to add soft element (people and trees etc)

Any cad generated person or tree that is at all convincing will slow down your ability to render and print due to the shear complexity of the object. So for me treating the soft elements as 2-D objects in an image manipulation environment simplifies things tremendously.

Cars are harder and I generally avoid showing them. Cad cars are hard to find and are generally ugly. 2D cars make it hard to get the perspective correct to look convincing. Hopefully someone else has a suggestion on this one.

Hope this helps

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Thank you for your help. I have been exporting the rendering as an image file to photoshop and adding my soft surfaces there. However, the problem is that the photoshop?s resolution doesn?t seem to be as good as VW?s. I?m exporting the image file at 200 dpi and working it on photoshop at 300...and it still doesn?t look as clean as when I print straight from VW. Should I increase the resolution?

Also...the colors aren?t the same from one software to the other...how do you deal with this?

Thank you!

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No, you dont increase your resolution you have to increase the image size. IN the export image dialoge the two #s at the top indicate the # of pixels exported. If you change your resolution from say 72 to 200 you still only get a defined # of pixles in a smaller area, so you have to either increase the # of pixels in the dialoge ( although our macs crash when we do this, but pc's seem ok) or make your perspective marque bigger in relation to the page size to increase the # of pixles. It seems wierd but trust me this is how it works.

Good Luck

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As far as color we adjust it in photo shop until we can get the right results. The color problem also gets bigger if you have several different printers, we have a large format HP that prints the same file entirely differently than our small epsom. So we just tinker and print until something good comes out.

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