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Ray trace bounce


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A Raybounce is light reflected in an object. If you look into a mirror, what you see is one Raybounce. Increasing the setting to two Raybounces will allow you to see objects in the mirror, and the objects that are being reflected in the objects visible in the mirror.

For example, one Raybounce will show a a chrome trash can in the relection of a mirror, but the trash can will not be reflecting anything making it look plain grey. Two Raybounces will show the trash can and the obejcts it is reflecting, all the the reflection of the mirror. I have never need to use more then 3 Raybounces. Increasing the number will slow down your rendering.

Is that clear?


-- Michael Pacylowski --

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It is in reference to objects reflected on a reflective material only. Light created from a light source will not bounce at all.


-- Michael Pacylowski --

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