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MVR only exports fixtures

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Has anyone else found that after VW2022 SP2.1 exporting an MVR file results in an export that only contains fixtures and not any of the other modelling in the project? I have emailed VW support a few times about this but it seems to be getting ignored

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Spotlight updated its MVR support to the new 1.2 DINspec with service pack 3, The main difference is that MVR will now use the newer GLB file format for geometry, by default. Its possible that Capture hasn't updated their MVR support to account for this.

In sp 3 the MVR export dialogue has a new option to tell it to use the old 3DS file format for geometry, make sure this is checked and see if that fixes the problem

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This may be due to a Vectorworks 2022 bug that is still present in SP3.1


The MVR exported by Vectorworks 2022 SP3.1 states that it is MVR 1.4, which only permits the legacy 3DS format.

However it is using MVR 1.5 features, such as glTF/GLB for geometry.


The version number needs to be updated so importers know what format(s) to expect.

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