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Wall Objects not rendering

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Make sure the objects have a solid fill. you need to check the individual objects as well as the classes the objects are in. Its best to set the individual objects fill to use the class fill and then edit the classes. you can also apply and change materials throught the classes in this way.

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Using Lightworks Raymaker, the chosen perspective renders everything except the wall objects. They stay in wireframe. I have tried several different balances of memory allocation between the system and the application, so I do not think it is a memory issue.

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MikeB is right. Slect the walls, and check the attributes palette to make sure they have a solid fill. You may also want to check the class that the walls are in, if any, and make sure the class attributes are set to a solid fill. Even if you have a texture applied to an object, image or shader based, an object will still render in wireframe if it does not have a solid fill.


-- Michael Pacylowski --

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