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Help with rendering walls

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Hi, I'm new to Vectorworks and im slightly confused. I am trying to fill a solid colour to my walls but the only thing that is happening is the outline of the walls is getting coloured (I will attach a image below) not sure what im doing wrong - any help would be appreciated. thank you. 1746205437_Screenshot2022-06-11at13_25_28.thumb.png.39d287b9e0dfd84f20ee19916b035f5b.png

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Welcome to the forum.


You're viewing the drawing in Wireframe.


Go to View > Rendering > and choose Shaded (or before 2020 Open GL).


There's a shortcut to this at the top right of the menu.  You'll see a little teapot that has the same options.


In Preferences in the 3D tab you can set the default rendering mode for when you switch to 3D so it will always start in Shaded.

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Thank you so much that seemed to work! I've been trying for over an hour haha! 

I had another question, im trying to put in a slab into one of the floors but I think due to my windows not joining im unable to do so. Is there a way to join up these windows, I have tried adding 'corner window' and corner post but It's not doing anything really. Thank you 

Screenshot 2022-06-11 at 15.57.54.png

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Wow.  You're going for the full experience!


Windows won't join up as corner windows until they are inserted into walls.  So you'll need walls first.


You can use the Wall Join tool in the Building Shell toolset to make the walls join up.  Check the mode bar.  There is a mode for T Join, L Join and X Join.


Then drag the window into the wall so the wall highlights and release it.  Make sure that in the Selection tool the 4th  mode is enabled.  It's cleverly entitled "Wall Insertion Mode".


NOW you can tell the window to be a corner window.


And the slab tool looks for walls.  It cares nothing about windows.  So that should work better, too.

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Okay I will try that. Thank you. 

As you can see in the first image, the left side windows are in walls, I used the mirror tool to do the same on the right side but I'm guessing the walls won't get mirrored, only the windows do? 

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3 hours ago, Miss said:

Hi, I'm new to Vectorworks and im slightly confused.

Head over to Vectorworks University and take the architecture learning path. That will get you up to speed quickly and prevent developing bad habits, especially if you have used other programs in the past.

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