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RAM Allocation

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I have a question Techies. I'm using a G4 500 with 256mbs of RAM. I allocate about 200Mbs to VW 8.5.1. When I render a drawing that's about 1.5Mbs in Solid after about 70% of rendering it gives me a message saying allocate more memory to partition. I can't even get that far in final hidden line. I know I probably need more RAM but I'm just checking to see if there is a work around. Also it's taking me about 20 hours to render final hidden line in a file that I can get to render. Is there any way of speeding up the rendering process.

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The NON QD3D rendering modes can be very memory intensive, and slow. If you can use QuickDraw, you will definitely save yourself a great deal of time. However, if you need to use the one of the other rendering modes, you can try saving the file you are about to render as a new, separate file, and delete objects that you know will not be visible. In other words, reduce the polygon count. Factors like the 2D and 3D conversion resolutions are important in trying to reduce the polygon count. Deleting objects like walls and furniture, that will not be visible in the final rendering, can save you a great deal of time.


-- Michael Pacylowski --

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