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reflecting light


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In Render Works I tried to use the mercury shader as a mirror to reflect light. It will reflect images in the object that has the mercury shader appled to it but it will not reflect the light off of this object onto other objects around it. Am I expecting too much from the Raymaker Engin or am I doing something wrong.

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RayMaker is a retracing renderer. This technology does not support light bouncing off of surfaces, even a mirror. Radiosity does. This is not currently an option in RenderWorks. Radiosity is very hardware intensive. It is truly photorealistic. What you can do with RayMaker, is simulate the effect of bouncing light. To do this, create a spot light source at the point your light is hitting, and direct it back out into your scene. The light source should be a fraction of the intensity of the original light, and should have a hint of the color of the surface it is bouncing from. This can be used to get torch lamps to correctly reflect light off of a ceiling, or even more dramatic may be sunlight passing through a window, then bouncing off of the floor, filling the room. This may be a good topic for a tutorial section in the Dispatch. I'll keep it in mind.


-- Michael Pacylowski --

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