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Focus settings for lighting devices - VWX Spotlight to Architect

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Hi all,


I have a Spotlight file I've shared with a designer who is using Architect.  In my file the lighting devices are all focused, but when the designer opens the file in Architect they are all pointing down.  Is there anyway to fix this?  Or is this a limitation of Architect?





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

it is a limitation between workspaces and tools available.  if they have designer, they can use the designer workspace and it should be fine across the two.

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@Rob Books Can you confirm this is workspace specific?  I believe that the action of PIOs is linked to the License in use, not the workspace. So if someone has a Designer or Spotlight license then the lighting devices will all function properly no matter what workspace they are using. Of course to place new lighting devices they will have to be using a workspace that has the correct tools.

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Cookie,  your designer does not have the Lighting Device (LD) PIO loaded into his VW.  PIOs are loaded when VW starts up.  When he opens your drawing, LD objects will show up and LDs can be counted, but only as Lighting Devices.  When he selects an LD it will display all the values but they cannot be changed or manipulated.  Not only that, but since the LD code is not present, the LD cannot perform any of its functionality, like focusing, displaying beams, interacting with the Label Legend.  Bottom line,  he, or both of you are hosed.  Sorry.

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