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RAM allocation needed for RenderWorks


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I have a Mac G4 450 with 1 Gig of RAM. I have noticed that large complex 3D models render faster if I allocate 500MB than if I allocate 800MB or more. Is there an ideal ratio of RAM allocation to file size? At 800MB my most complex models won't render at all.

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I don't know if there is a good ratio between file size and RAM allocation, however I can tell you why your model will render faster, or even at all, with less RAM. When you start the rendering process, VW grabs RAM from the system in order to use the QuickDraw 3D extensions, or the LightWorks extensions. This RAM can not be allocated to VW. If you allocate 100% of your available RAM to VW, your model will not be able to render at all, because there is none left for the system. The trick is to allocate just enough RAM to be able to do some manipulation, printing or exporting, but no more. Leave the system as much RAM as possible to do the actual rendering calculations. In some situations, you may want to model your design with a large memory allocation, but render with a much smaller one.


-- Michael Pacylowski --

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