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printing renderings


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When printing a rendered image using lightworks raymaker from the V Architect workspace, the colors print in visible sine waves. The HP plotter I am using is calibrated, prints linework just fine, prints photographs in Vectorworks nicely, and will even print using the bitmap render tool reasonably well. Has anyone else had this problem? I have attempted to adjust, DPI, memory allocation and print speed to no avail.

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Yes Ive seen this. It happened to us with brick material maps. The problem we had was that we weren't printing the rendering at high enough resolution. Try changing the printing resolution in the document preferences under the raster render tab. It defaults to 72 which is too low. But honestly we have had better results by exporting the image and then importing it again as an image file. I know it sounds backwards but if you print a rendering from VW the program has to do all the calculations over again to generate the printer information. If you export it as an image file and then import it back into your drawing to print you eliminate the need for this. And if you want to reprint the same image it takes alot less time if its an image and not a rendering.

Good Luck

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I though of something else. Under the document perferences click the raster render tab and then click the engine options for the ray maker rendering engine. Be sure under the anti-aliasing section that you have "smooth edges and textures" selected.

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MikeB is right. If you render an image, then select the print command, RenderWorks will in effect re-render the image to generate the print information. Your best bet is to use the Render Bitmap tool. Using this tool you can render the image at a user defined resolution; the image will be saved as a bitmap embedded in you document, and will print perfectly. You can even copy the bitmap and paste it into an image editor like PhotoShop. The only catch is the bitmap that is embedded in your document can be large, and this will inflate the size of you file. You may want to delete the image when you are done printing, or save it in a separate file so as not to effect your original file size.


-- Michael Pacylowski --

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