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rendering air


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Sorry to tell you this but I know the Quick Draw 3-D engine can't, mostly becuse it cannot render transparency. As far as render works I really dont think it will either. For something that sophisticated you need 3-D max or Form Z. Hopefull someone will let me know if I'm wrong

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Well, things have changed a lot in VW/RW in the 4 years since I first replied to this [Wink]

I suppose with RW it is possible to creat a geometry to mimic a light cone, and then create a texture for it. With the new shaders introduced over the last few versions I think you could get a convincing result.

Good Luck

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It can be done quite easily in fact there was even a tutorial somewhere. Just do a multiple extrude of a couple of circles (one is the beginning of beam and the other is the end) and apply a mostly transparent shader. The BIG hang up is that the beam itself will cast a slight shadow.

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