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Quick Draw 3d rendering


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I have a question for the tech guys. I'm using VW with RW installed. When I render using the QD3D engine transparent materials render as solid, except while I'm rotating the view the object while it is rendered in QD3D. The cool thing about this is that when the light source hit the rendered transparent object right you get a sheen across the object. It's nice because you can understand the transparence better without having to render with the raymaker engine (which can take a while with transparent and reflective objects) My question is, is there a way for the QD3D engin to display transparent objects as transparent all the time not just while rotating the view.


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The reason a rendered object may become transparent when rotating interactively, is because at that time RenderWorks is using the installed hardware acceleration to render the image, and the hardware supports transparencies. When RenderWorks renders a static image, it does not use the hardware accelerator (it uses your cpu and software) and consequentially does not support transparencies. So your next question is why doesn't RenderWorks use the hardware acceleration all the time? That's one for the engineers. Unfortunately, today there is know way for the interactive renderer to render a transparent object without rotating it. However, it may be possible in future versions.


-- Michael Pacylowski --

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