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Attributes Palette conundrum


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My Attributes Palette will not ?hold? the class style for attributes. In other words, I?ll close a file with all the attributes (color, line, arrow head, etc.) set at the class style setting, but upon reopening the file, some are at the class setting, and some are not. Also during the time working on a drawing, individual attributes will switch in and out of class style as I use different tools, symbols, etc. and I find myself reassigning attributes to the 'class style' numerous times.

Since I?m going crazy trying to remember the trick to solving this simple problem, any help will be appreciated.

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Much of your problem may be due to the settings in the Standard Naming setup. There is a checkbox which, when set, uses a feature called 'Auto-classing'. This assigns some defaults to various symbols and parametric tools. e.g. Select the door tool and whatever door you make will be automatically put into the class 'Door-Main'.

I suggest you go>File>Document Setup>Standard Naming and see if the Auto-classing box is checked.

Also some of the canned symbol libraries are pre-classed. Check out the Help menu and search for Auto-classing for more info.

I hope this helps you out somewhat.

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bclydeb: thanks for the advice - I've stayed away from auto classing so far but may have to change my ways.

Travis: I'm running VW 12.0.1, Mac OS 10.4.5.

I remember having this problem with older versions of VW and seem to think the solution then was to set all the attributes to the 'class' style and then restart the program. That doesn't work with this version, which leads me to believe I'm just not employing the correct trick.


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