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Symbol on speakers array

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You no longer import a symbol into the catalog, you can use the symbol directly.

Both tools work basically the same way.

The video shows you how to use the mode bar to select the symbol mode from the tool bar at about 23sec fro the speaker and then selecting the symbol from the drop down.

You can also do it from the OIP of the Speaker once placed.

Place the speaker and then make sure the Source is set to Symbol.

Pres the Select Symbol button to select the symbol.

If you change Source to Catalog you will get a mollified version of the speaker symbol you selected.

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20 hours ago, Pier180 said:

I import a symbol source and it displays it well in the speaker array tools but when I insert the speakers in the drawing I have a simple geometry speaker ?

I don't understand where is the option?


When in "Catalog" mode (or, "Library" in the Landru Design version), "Import" will import the data from the Symbol but will build the simplified model on-the-fly.  When in "Symbol" mode, the tools will use the actual Symbol geometry.  If your given Symbol has the same name as a Catalog/Library entry, you can switch back-and-forth, essentially giving you an "intricate" and "simple" mode.

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Thanks you very much for your support !

Try a lots of symbols, make my own symbols (no catalog record) but it doesn't work anyway, still "simple" geometry 🤯

Work with speaker tool only

Here is some screenshot

Maybe I need to delete files in the library ?

I don't give up





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5 hours ago, Pier180 said:


Here is the file if someone can try ?



Array test.vwx


No issues, here.  I opened the file, selected the Speaker Array instance, clicked the "Configure Array..." button, switched to the last pane and changed speaker angles, and clicked "OK."  The array re-built itself just-fine.


I did see that the dimension fields in the Record attached to the bumper need units markers but, as your file is in mm (the same unit used by your bumper), you shouldn't have any problems.


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