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Applying materials to generic solids and extrudes, how to?

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Are there any visual (YouTube/VW_Univ) instructions for using the materials functionality?

What is the terminology (for editing etc.)? Like when one wants to change different faces of a generic solid modeled with flat surfaces.

I did this simple shape to try and learn this functionality of the program.

I checked the use material box and chose this default masonry pattern.

But to change the top to a solid green, like a parged coloured plaster or apply black to the alcove, like a soot appearance has fully escaped me.

What are the VWtools called for working with materials? Do they function on generic solids? Extrudes? Is conversion to some other type of solid required, a mesh?



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In VW2022 By Face texturing has been added.


If you are really still on 2019, then you will need to use the Extract tool to generate 3Dpolygons for the faces that need different textures and then move them slightly (0.1 mm) so they are not coplanar with the solid surfaces so you don't get Z-fighting between which object to show.

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Also, unless you truly mean to use "Materials" which are newer and slightly more advanced, you might want to start with just using "Textures" which can be found in the Render tab of the OIP. As Pat mentioned, in 2022 and beyond you can freely apply textures per-face with the "Texture Tool". In previous versions, many objects can have only one texture for the whole object, except for things like Walls or other objects with Components. Additionally, if the object is an Extrude, the Top and Bottom faces can be given textures separately from the Sides, via the Parts dropdown on the Render tab.


Textures can also be found in the Resource Manager, as they are a type of Resource. (Technically they're called Renderworks Textures btw).


Let us know how it goes.

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Posted (edited)

I started using the VW2022 install about 45 days ago. The minor menu differences is taking some getting use to and there have been some issues with crashing to desktop when interacting with the OIP and editing viewports, via mouse click stuff. Didn't want that while doing time crunch work.

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Do people produce these textures in Vectorworks?

Like this one that appears to be a flattened 3d elevation. When viewed in ISO it gives the appearance of concrete planters extending from the face of the brickwork.

Can a facade of windows be flattened to create a texture within VW's?  Placing the texture on simple cubes for viewing from a distance for instance.


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