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Change drawing title of multiple viewports not working.



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When I select multiple viewports and I try to change the drawing title of all of them only one is renamed.


Please see the screenshots, I have 3 section viewports and I try to rename them to 'vertical cut'.




After entering the drawing title only one is renamed:



Is this a bug that not all the viewports get the new title?

Would be a time saver for me if I don't have to go to every viewport and copy paste the same name in.






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If you're taking about the drawing title then they don't have to be unique name.


If you have a bunch of them it's easier to do with a worksheet.  Set the criteria to Type is VP and VSel is True.  Then you can copy/paste to all of them at once.

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@michaelk  It is also scriptable instead of worksheet able. 😉


Procedure MultiVP_Title;

{June 2, 2022}
{©2022 Patrick Stanford pat@coviana.com}
{Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License}

{No Warranty Expressed of Implied. Use at your own risk.}

{Renames all selected Sheet Layer Viewports with the entered name}
{The only tricky part is getting the Crit to include the quotes around the layer name.}

VAR	S1, ALayer, Crit		:String;

Procedure Execute(Hd1:Handle);
		SetObjectVariableString(Hd1, 1032, S1);
	S1:=StrDialog('Name for Selected Viewports', '[Not Drawing Title]');
	Crit:=Concat('(((L=',CHR(39),ALayer,Chr(39),') & (T=VIEWPORT) & (VSEL=TRUE)))');
	ForEachObject(Execute, Crit);



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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Andy Broomell said:

Though this isn’t currently possible, I wish it were. Sometimes I have a few dozen viewports on a sheet that are all titled “ELEVATION.”


I wish it were too. I also wish you could do things with operators, such as + to append or = to replace. So if I had a series of viewports on a sheet titled Table: Top, Table: Front Elevation, Table: Section I could select all of them and do table=chair to change them to Chair: Top, Chair: Front Elevation, Chair: Section. My example is sort of silly in its simplicity but I often duplicate sheets, select all the viewports and change the layer they look at to a different one. Each layer contains a single scenic unit. Its a fast way of working and the slowest part is renaming the viewports 😁


(Vectorworks could learn a lot from Lightwright's name editing tools.)



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I'm indeed changing the viewport drawing title, which is not unique. I'm not changing the viewportname (this is unique).


Thank you for suggesting a script. But I think that the expected behavior would be that I can just change the drawing title of multiple selected viewports at the same time. 
It's like selecting 20 rectangles and changing their width in the OIP. They all change to the new width.


So If I want multiple viewports to have the same drawing title, I would prefer not going through the hassle to activate a script for this simple operation but just do my adjustment in the OIP. This would make the behavior consistent as with other properties of other objects (like the rectangle example).

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I understand what you would prefer, but since that is not currently available, would you be interested in a a script work around until this gets changed? 


And please remember, I am a volunteer moderator on the forum, not an employee of Vectorworks, so I have almost zero input on what gets changed or when.

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Hi Pat,


Thank you for your suggestion. My response might have sound  a bit harsh if I read it now but that was totally not my intention. My apologies.

A script is not necessary for me. But thank you for volunteering to write this. Much appreciated. 


Best regards,


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