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Roof Shaping

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I have a complex roof that I'm not having any luck in altering. When in the 3d tool I get handles but no handles along the ridge lines. I need to raise a ridge to meet another and cannot do it. If I try to raise the roof face to slope up on the other side. I Get the "Roof is to Complicated". If I change the other side to "Gable End", I Get the "Roof is to Complicated". I need to remove this slope or alter it in some way. Any ideas on what I'm missing. If I had handles were on the ridge I think I could alter it to what I need.

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Not sure if this will help, but I often end up UNGROUPING the ROOF which will then become a bunch of ROOF FACES, which a re in some respects, at least IMO, easier to modify. Try it in a COPY first to make sire you like the result. Once you ungroup a roof, there is no way to re-group it and regain it's parametric behavior. HTH's

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I let the program develope the roof and not bad for 2D. Had to change a few ridge lines and valleys. When I changed it to 3D what a suprise. Ridges that intersect into other ridges that are taller have open ends showing. Roof surfaces that end in a wall are at different slopes than the slope its connected to. Trying to change these slopes and reconnect them is near impossible. There seems to be no easy way to adjust 3D over multiple planes. I ungrouped everything, trying to make adjustments and can make minor changes. Now when I try to move the roof surfaces I get the dialog "Could not create roof, the house drawing is to complex to create roof". I'm trying to cover a 9500sf Tuscan home with multiple levels and it is complex.

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I have found that the roof too is "close", but not quite there, yet. I have had to manually calculate how the roof will work, then draw each individual face to make complicated forms work. I do this by drawing a ploygon that I know is the true shape of the roof face in 2d, then create the roof plane from that with my known plate heights, pitches, etc.

Its old-school way of doing roofs, but works every time.

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