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Using external packages

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I have developed plugins with Vectorscript and have created a few small python scripts.  I'm looking at going a little deeper and running into roadblocks.


1. I want to use an python external package called pandas which makes joining and merging data sets and python objects easier.  I am struggling on figuring out the process of adding external packages specifically with vectorworks.  (There are a few threads that mention external packages but I cant follow their initial setup.)   They also mention an "external packages" folder in the users folder.  I don't see that folder so is it just a folder in my vw users folder. Did they manually create this folder?


2. If this package in included in a deployment of a Vectorworks plugin, how does the implementation of the external package reach the end user?   Does the package have to be installed on each users machine?


Thanks for any info!




vw 2022 SP3.1 on windows 10

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