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Window Muntins causing havoc


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I am having an issue with the muntion part of the window tool. If I enable muntins, the 3d view of the window seems to be "exploded" in that the sashes of the different components (say of a single-hung) are scattered vertically in line with the window. It took me quite a while to figure out that it was the muntins causing this odd display behavior.

Any ideas? Or is this a known bug.

/BTW: It used to work - think it is the 12.0.1 update.

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Just trying to put a single vertical muntin on all parts, top & bottom sashes of a single hung window with a transom.

Here is a pic of what happens in the window dialog box - it actually looks like this in the 3d model view as well.


I'll try to re-create the problem in another drawing as well and let you know. EDIT: happens in other files as well.

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Originally posted by Jeffe':

I doubt it is a hardware compatibility issue. I dont have any other problems, really - runs quite well. The problem does show up on the Windows machine we have running 12.01 as well. I have not tried it on a PPC-based mac.

The Knowledgebase article clearly says that your muntin failure is to be expected on the Intel Mac. Are you sure that you are having the same problem on a Windows machine?

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Huh, wish someone would have pointed that out earlier - I guess the search funtionn didnt pick it up. I could have sworn I saw it on the other machine, too - maybe it screwed up the file? I'll have to check it later.

So far, I havent experienced any other glitches - rendering can be very slow sometimes. Open GL is quick with the top of the line graphics card in the iMac. Zoom, pan, rotate functions are quick as there were on the PC.

Most of the Industry knew Apple was coming out with the Intel based Macs early. It will be imperative for NNA to get the Universal Binary out ASAP as the next wave of Intel Macs comes out this year. Especially with the ability to not only Dual-Boot to windows, but with the new Virtualization products that will allow windows and OS X to exist simultaneously - and at full power for both. More and more people will be switching from PC's to the Apple HW - no matter what OS they use.

/end rant :-)

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Just tried again with a new file created in VW12.0.1. The previous attempt was from my VW11 template. The same problem remains. Also glass door muntins do not show. I need to make a french door.

There has to be something I'm missing since this would be a major bug.

Henry Mac G5 1.8 dual; OS 10.4.6; VW 12.0.1

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Yes, there are far more "dire" situations in the world than our inability to make window muntins in parametric models. Still, I'm glad that my office is not currently relying on VW 3D for our elevation renderings.

Keep going! Looking forward to the resolution of all problems!

Thanks for the quick reply (and thanks for VW).

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