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Hi guys, 

I am trying to reference cells from different worksheet to obtain the total of doors in a project. The only way that i know its just create a worksheet an copy all the information from the others worksheets. But i am a bit scared of lossing information when i am going to change something because the cells are not connected between them, they are copied.

I am going to attach some images.

The image 1 includes cells copied from the database of the others images.




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You can reference cells in other worksheets by using the worksheet name as part of the function:


Working in a worksheet named 'Worksheet-A' and entering a cell formula of ='Worksheet-1':A4 will reference the value from a different worksheet named 'Worksheet-1'


The values in Worksheet-A will update when it is recalculated to the then current values in Worksheet-1.



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I have tried to do that but when I work with Database, the reference doesnt indicate the subrow, just indicate the total of the sum value/item. I would like to indice 'Worksheet-1':A4.1 but it doesnt work.
I have resolved it creating two record formats, left and right openings and applying the record format manually to the doors and i dont need to reference the file.

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Since database subrows are dynamic, there is no way to directly access the data from a subrow cell. In any way, in the local worksheet or a referenced one. 


By dynamic I mean that because cells can be sorted and SUMmarized in different ways, it is very difficult to guarantee that cell A4.1 will always have the value you want in it. If someone adds another object to the drawing the sorts above the current 4.1, it will be added and now what was 4.1 is now 4.2 or something else. And there is not good algorithm to be able to figure out what the user actually wanted.  Another example. You have data SUMmarized and cell 4.1 is the sum of 3 different objects. Someone turns off the SUM. How would your cell reference know that and what should it do as a result?


For some functions you may be able to use a spreadsheet version and specify the criteria you need to get the same value.


Or for some options you may need to go to a worksheet script that can get the correct data. Take a look at this thread for an example I recently did.



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