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Cluster Different Size Plants / Trees

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I have different size canopy trees surrounding the property. I created a plant symbol for each canopy size. I was able to cluster the group of trees that were the same canopy size/ plant symbol but I cannot cluster different tree plant symbols. How do I go about this issue? 










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On 5/25/2022 at 12:59 PM, Paul N said:

How do I go about this issue?


You don't and it is not an issue.


The Plant Grouping tool is for grouping identical plants and the associated benefits of doing so.  To me, it's just a tool for grouping/ungrouping identical plants that were placed using Single Placement Mode.  Or, an excellent tool for ungrouping plants placed with any mode other than Single Placement Mode when you want to convert them into single plant objects.


When you have a group of plants that are using the same symbol, but have differing attributes (such as spread), using a Plant Grouping destroys the variation in size.


When you have a group of plants that are composed of different symbols... the tool is not designed for that purpose, hence your rejection letter from the program.

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