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What can be basic steps to achieve a good rendering.

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Those are pretty nice thus far, especially that daylight hitting the couch.

Things to improve... Lighting, entourage, and textures.

I find that adding people, objects, clutter, and an image on the TV go a long ways to making an image more inviting.

A little adjustment in a photo editor can go a long ways to getting things to pop.  I'm constantly surprised how adjusting the light for shadow and highlights can take things up a level with little effort.


There are several courses on Vectorworks University that may help you with softening those lights and enhancing some of the textures.

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I also think they are quite decent so far. Unfussy and have enough to convey a sense of what the space would be like.


The only obvious problem I see is that the multiple downlights are casting sharp-edged shadows, which is quite distracting. If you could adjust those so that they are more diffused, I think that would help a lot.

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Take a photo of somewhere similar and do a side by side comparison, trying to notice:

-The way light hits surfaces.  Your downs are very hard edged and in some the source is not visible.  Getting the correct light falloff and recognizing that light does not come from an invisible source will help.  .ies files are great for the lighting fixtures you are trying to emulate

-Are the materials all the same or do they have different qualities.  All objects reflect to varying degrees, the real difference is how much they reflect directly (sharp, visible reflections) or diffusely (soft, blurry reflections).  

-Ambient light vs direct light.  This is an area lots of people struggle with, because rendering engines have to compromise when it comes to how much ambient light actually bounces around in the scene.  GI, ambient light, and ambient occlusion are compromises.   

Jeff's point about props is a good one, adding in a few items to breath life into the render helps.  Lots of interiors of kitchens have "still lifes" on the counter to create interest and show off reflections and textures: Wine, glass, fruit, dish towel...

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