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Override class appearance doesn't work for curtain walls




Override is a crucial part of our workflow in our office and we cannot make it work with curtain walls. See attached photo. With only one class in the model (Black pen white fill) it shows correctly in the Design layer on the right but when we override it to render it with orange pen it only works with standard walls and polygons, but not with curtainwalls. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 3.57.47 PM.png

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The only idea from me is that, as setting components classes in CW Walls

is a bit more complicated/tedious than for standard Walls,

there is an issue with your Class assignments or by Wall vs by Components


If you can exclude that, it may be a real bug.

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I agree. In order to test it out I minimized the amount of classes to only one and still have the same problem. I have tried to make sure all attributes are "By Class" in the AP and in the CW settings, and still have that issue. 


Wondering if anyone has succeeded at this and I'm missing something or if it's a real bug. Anyway's I'm attaching the file I've been using to test it out in case anyone feels lucky.


thank you. 


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I think I looked at this a couple of weeks ago, but can't remember for sure.


I think what I found is that there are objects inside the curtain wall that do not have their attributes set to By Class.


Check the Frame Settings, Panel Settings and Edit Wall Attributes of your CW and see if all the attributes are set to By Class.


 Only the Pen is set to By Class in the default CW-Storefront-Fix Ht 10ft wall style.



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