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I have a Vectorworks file with a theatre venue drawn in 3d. I start a new project, and I reference the theatre in my new file. In a sheet layer, I want to show 2 viewports, one with the orchestra pit up, the other with the orchestra pit down. The 2 versions of the orchestra pit are on 2 design layer in the theatre venue file.

Can I achieve this with a reference design layer viewport ? (I cannot seam to be able to control the reference design layer viewport independently in different sheet layer viewport.)

Or I need to use the ols layer import method ?




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Classes can be controlled by loading them into the file as class overrides. Layers cannot. (unless I am very much mistaken)


However, you could make two copies of the referenced viewport. Have just the "Pit up" layer turned on in one copy and just the "Pit Down" layer turned on in the other copy. Then give each copied viewport it's own class ("PIt up" and "Pit down"?) As long as the vieports are correctly aligned then you could control the pit visibilities in your sheet layers using classes instead.



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You can absolutely use the DVLP method and select different layers! I do this all the time with other types of venues. For instance, a convention center with a unified class structure but separate layers per floor. 

I will frequently use multiple DLVPs referenced to the same file, choosing different layer and class visibility options. The DLVPs live on separate layers in the “design” document (vs the “venue” file). That allows for easy generating of new plans for separate floors without messing with overall class structure. 

@setdesigner - you’re on the right track. What you what to do is set up (for instance) the “pit up” viewport first. Then copy and paste in place. Move the 2nd copy to a new layer or class in your working doc. Then select whatever class or layer options on the DLVP that you need for “pit down.”  You now have 2 versions referencing the same file. On your design doc sheet layers you can create 2 viewports, one showing each DLVP plus whatever other design elements you want to include. 

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12 hours ago, setdesigner said:

And why do you prefer this method to Layer imports ?



2 reasons why the DLVP method works for us:


1) We can split up the workflow, and have someone cleaning up a crappy venue file while another team member is working on a show file. This is also great if you want to protect IP - you can swap out the painstakingly created 3D file you developed for the original 2D version when you send a design to a venue for approval. 

2) We work under the assumption that we are either going back to a given venue or repeating a show somewhere else. In both cases, using a referenced workflow allows for a simple and clean transition. Both the venue file and show file are independent and can easily be updated or repurposed without much fuss. 

Hope that helps!


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