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vectorworks design suite 2022 hangs and then doesnt respond



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More details on your operating system and computer configuration would help to make suggestions.


It is best to put a signature on your account so this information is included with all your posts. Saves us having to ask for details every time. You can fix your signature by clicking on your user name at the upper right, choosing Account Settings, and then clicking on Signature at the left of the Settings page.

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So it does not sound like an OS compatibility issue.


Standard troubleshooting next step would be to:


1. Go to Vectorworks Preferences and click the Reset button at the bottom left.

2. Quit VW, Rename or move your user folder, and restart VW. This will create a new user folder and you will have to reenter your serial number so make sure you have it.

3. Uninstall and reinstall VW.

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I think you are probably going to be better served by contacting VW Technical Support for your region directly. These are community support forums and are probably not the best place to try and fix an issue like yours where VW won't even run.


The only other thought I have is does your GTX have "helper" software installed? If so, can you "blacklist" VW so it does not effect VW?

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