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Using Plant Database to Create Custom Lists or Catalogs

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Hi all,


I am struggling with using the Plant Database and wanted to pick your brains.


1. Is it possible to cherrypick plants to be added to a catalog, i.e. choose one by one from the entire DB? So far, I can see that all plant records within the active search are added.

2. If I want to create my own list/ catalogue/ data base in a spreadsheet - which fields should I use, if I then want to import it to VW and map the fields correctly to create Plant Styles? The Config File only has certain fields and they are sometimes called differently than the fields in Plant Styles. I am really confused about how this all works. Anyone with some experience and an established workflow?


A couple of years ago I was working in another well-known package and it was super easy to import plant lists in a spreadsheet form. Why is it so complicated in VW?

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Thanks @Tom W., I have read it, but I still have a problem.


In the Plant DB there are VW fields (sometime with different names than mentioned in the pdf you attached - e.g. in a Plant Style you can see Bloom Time, which in the DB pdf manual is referred to as Season; in the Config File there is only Blooms Begin), the NPS fields and DTP fields. In a spreadsheet, this means columns from A to AY. In the Config File, only files up to AF are listed. I know that I am able to handle it from the IT side, but I need some clarity in how to properly map the fields.

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Hi guys,

Following some digging, I found that my copy of VW has the US settings - I think this must have come from the trial version I used. 

I was wondering if someone who uses the UK version could send me a copy of the _CatalogFileConfig.xml. It lives in the Plant Database folder where catalogs are saved. Apparently, column names/ headers in Plant Catalogs differ slightly  in different versions.

I tried to get some help with this from VW [a few weeks ago], including the replacement config files, but no success so far 😕

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