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Update All Viewports?

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I THINK this script will do what you want and only update out of date viewports. Test carefully. I only used it in a file with 6 objects and 2 viewports.


And to prove out assumption, time how long it takes an Update All Viewports to run versus the script.  If it it much longer than we are right. If it is shorter or about the same them only the out of date viewports are being updated.


Procedure UpdateOutOfDateVPs;

{May 20, 2022}
{©2022 Patrick Stanford pat@coviana.com}
{Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License}

{No Warranty Expressed of Implied. Use at your own risk.}
{Very lightly tested. Test on backup copy for suitabilty to use.}

Procedure Execute(Hd1:Handle);
		If ((GetType(Hd1)=122) and (GetObjectVariableBoolean(Hd1, 1004))) then UpdateVP(Hd1);
	ForEachObject(Execute, ((T=VIEWPORT)));



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Per Grant's warning, I think the script will update all Sheetlayer Viewports, but Section VPs do have a separate sub-object type and may need to be handled separately in the script.  Let me know if you find this to be the case.


Or just run Jesse's script instead. I trust he has all the edge cases worked out. 😉

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