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Marionette wrap is corrupting after copy to another file

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Hi All, 

Since the local authorities require an additional protection zone for each of the existing plant object, I made a Marionette script to help Vectorowrks users. This is attached file: test-J Kowalska_GOOD.vwx .  Script works and after wraping it is bahaving correctly - the purpose is to draw an additional circle area of 1,5 m protection zone around each tree. 

The script is very simple. Is takes the data from the worksheets and draws the additional circle around the center set by the coordinates.


The problem is with transferring this marionette wrap to the other files. What is an essential issue here.

Here is an example: Drzewa_Spiska_WRONG.vwx 

Script creates the required elements, neverthless in the WRONG location. Coordinates are corrupted, and the objects are displaced more or less 2x for the both coordinates.

I'm not able to fix the problem. Can you help me?



test-J Kowalska_GOOD.vwx Drzewa_Spiska_WRONG.vwx

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  • Marionette Maven

Something is wrong with your network, the value you're getting with the scientific representation means it's not getting the right value...

Can you attach that file?


There's currently not a direct node that converts strings to a number in the default library because there can be different number formats in strings, for example if a user has feet & inches for their document units then the input will need to be treated differently than a user with meters for their units.

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