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Undocumented use of BeginGroup / EndGroup?

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The script output from VW for a 3DPoly is encapsulated by BeginGroup; and EndGroup;

But the object created is not contained a parent group.

3DPolys cannot be Ungrouped per say and they cannot be entered for editing a sub part like the holes in a polygon or a helix.


Is there an undocumented use occurring here?


{Object Creation Code}



















{End of Creation Code}

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   When I run your code, I get a GROUP with a 3DPoly inside, and I tried it in VW 2019 and VW 2022. Same result. Try it again. If you still see the same thing, try it in a blank file, and if that still doesn't work, restart VW and try once again. You should see a GROUP with a 3DPoly inside. 


   You are right. 3DPolys are not potential containers like Polylines which allow holes, they are more akin to Polygons, which don't allow holes.



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Well that is puzzling. I guess I'll have to put in down to VW's export script function adding in extra code.

I drew the 3DPoly in a virgin blank file to see what the difference would be between a line drawn and a 3dPoly being drawn with a start point being 0,0,0 and end point being 0,0,1000.



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   I've used the VS Export feature for years and have had no problems, except for things the Export feature does not support, like holes in a Polyline, and pretty much any new feature in the last decade or two. But, by and large, for exporting simple geometry, it's pretty robust. If you care to post examples where you are having problems I'd be happy to look at them and comment. 


   The example you posted above is pretty vanilla and shouldn't cause a problem. Granted, you may find that VS Export adds what appear to be extra commands that define an object's attributes (like Pen and Fill colors), but you can usually remove them if you find them to be unnecessary for your needs.


All the best,


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