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B&W by Viewport

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Another quick question:

Is there a fast and easy way to make a specific viewport print in black and white without having to use the document preferences to turn the whole drawing to black & white? I've run into this on a couple different sheets I was going to print.

If not, I'll put a post up in the wish list board. It would make a great choice as one of the render pull down options in the OIP for viewports.

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My question is in reference to the ability to make a specific viewport print in Black and White. By this I mean that there would be a couple viewports on a sheet that I would still want to plot normal/in color. I am imaging the ability to change to black and white per viewport as more of a 'render mode' type of thing, and not a global override for an entire file/sheet. Thanks for the other suggestions though.

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Eric are you using version 12. VW12 has the ability to set the class to something different for each viewport. ie you could set all the classes in one viewport to black, and in another all to red. You access it from the obj info pallette>classes when you select the viewport.

This could be handy because you could have a viewport with all the lines set to black and still maintain your grey fills, and another viewport on the same drawing could be in colour.

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