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Worksheet - Substring from Class doesn't work (2021, 2022)


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As you can see in the worksheet in the attached file I tried to extract the substring from a classname in a worksheet.

The result isn't the substring but a number.

The code in the first column of a database-row is "=SUBSTRING(C; '-'; 1)" and doesn't work.


The only way to get the class-substring works with two columns, one with a simple "=C" and the second with =SUBSTRING(B2; '-'; 1) (B2 = the Cell-Name in which I am looking for the class name by "=C")


Looks like a bug to me, isn't it?


(so also the more complicated code "=CONCAT((SUBSTRING(B2; '-'; 1)); ' -|- '; (SUBSTRING(B2; '-'; 2)); ' -|- '; (SUBSTRING(B2; '-'; 3)); ' -|- '; (SUBSTRING(B2; '-'; 4)))" works ^^)


ps. =IF((C='*A*'); 'A'; (IF((C='.*E*'); 'E'; IF((C='*H*'); 'H'; 'Y')))) doesn't work either, i have to use =IF((B2='*A*'); 'A'; (IF((B2='.*E*'); 'E'; IF((B2='*H*'); 'H'; 'Y')))) instead 😞 )




Substring from Class.zip

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