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I've been doing my theater related drafting with the old lead holder and straight edge. I pick up VectorWorks 8.5 so I could finally do cad work on my Mac. I just did my first sound design for a theatre show on my mac with SoundEdit 16. I completely went through the user's guide and especially the theatrical lighting guide but for some reason, it doesn't seem to make sense to me. Even the theatrical guide did'nt seem to be written by someone who worked in theatre. Are there any good books written by theater designer who would hopefully speak my language? I know that all I probabley need to do is think in a different manner but I can't figure out what that would be? Thanks for any help you can give.

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look under training manuals at the vectorworks home page. There several very good downloads from Kent Goetz at Cornell University. I started using this program instead of lead and paper less than a year and his theatrical tutorials were essential to jump start me. We have a very busy schedule and I didn't have much time to learn the program. His Drafting a theatrical floorplan used familiar language and gave me the tools I need for scenery design. This is a big program and we don't need to be overwelmed with architecture where we need set design

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