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Drawing Title in viewport not showing up.

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1 minute ago, Pat Stanford said:

Is the Drawing Title field for the Viewport blank in the OIP?

Nope. It shows up there. I completed the fields when creating the viewport but double checked to be sure the title field is still filled in.  

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26 minutes ago, Pat Stanford said:

Can you make a test file with just a single viewport that shows the problem and post it here?


Or if this is just a single viewport issue, edit the Annotation and delete the Drawing Label and insert a new one?

Thanks but I just discovered that the drawing label for the title wasn't properly defined in the symbol. Someone created a custom drawing title and the definition wasn't allowing the title to appear. A cut and paste a definition from another drawing title and that seems to have fixed the problem.

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I am having the same problem. I can copy and paste a drawing label from another file, but it immediately disappears if I try to insert a new one. I only have two classes and both are on. The label is "unstyled."


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