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OpenGL/Shaded Trouble with Curved Screens

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I'm curious if this is an issue with my video card or if there's something else going on here.


When I created a curved/blended screen (custom size 18' tall by 132' wide, with a curve depth of 26'), I am unable to get any sort of clean render.  Any ideas or help would be appreciated.


Verified my render settings are set to Very High, so I don't think it's an issue with that.


Thank you in advance.


Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 9.34.11 AM.png

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Editing my response...


I see the issue in every rendering mode w. the Spotlight version of the tool.  I then inserted an instance (w. matching settings) of the Landru Design version.  Zero issues.  Likely something that got tweaked along the way that has not made it into the Spotlight version, yet.



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To elaborate on the above, what's happening is that the black "frames" component is literally protruding through the textured "screen" component, presumably due to the two curved components getting faceted at slightly different intervals.


One workaround I found is to click the Classes button in the OIP, put the Frames on a class, then turn that class off. This leaves just the textured screen without the black frame, eliminating the stripes popping through.


That being said, I then can't get the "Edit Screen Image" function to work as I'd expect...

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6 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Only because I'm curious, but it still does not seem to work properly for me.


This is without Curved selected for the screen



and this is with the curved screen.



The only change I made was to set the screen curved.  Shouldn't the image be the same in both cases?



Here is a file containing instances of the Spotlight PIO and the Landru Design version.  While the faceting issue is gone w. the Landru Design version, clearly, I need to delve back into this tool a bit...



18x132 Curved Screen.vwx

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14 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Thank you Andrew.  I just wanted to make sure it was not something I was not understanding.


No problem.


FWIW, the problem I'm seeing w. the Landru Design version is new to 2022.


The problem:  Image is flipped horizontally and starts from the wrong end of the curve.


Open this file in 2021...

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