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Peter Eichel

Stair configuration

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How does one reverse the stair configuration in a U-platform staircase? The default staircase (platform at bottom in plan view) has the upward travel left to right. I need a staircase right to left and no matter what I do in the stair preferences window, it will not create it.


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In the flights and platforms dialog of the stair settings, you can edit each flight or platform. When you get to the platform part after clicking the "next" button, there is an option to change the angle of the platform and the default is set to 90. Add a minus sign to that 90 and it will flip that platform.

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Peter, I interpreted your advice as mirroring the stairs after they were on the drawing which works by the way. Thanks Michael for the specific instructions, I just couldn't see through this one.


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Whilst, on the stair configuration issue, I note that in 2D view, it does not appear possible to set a stair break using standard conventions ie. the break being indicated by showing a 45 degree splay to a broken flight (unlike VWA 11).

If my understanding is correct, is this intentional, or is a bug in the programme?


Peter Lee | Wales UK

VWA RW V12 (Win)

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The stair break was changed in VW12, you need to add the conventional break line after the fact, but NNA is talking about bringing it back.

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I have the same problem, I can not get the stair break to go down the stairs only up, if I rotate its the same problem but at the other end.

I have V11.5.1.

Is this fixed in 12 ?

I make a point of not riding the crest of the wave when buying software that is constantly being developed.



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Try the following work around:

- Model the stair until you have its 3D form as you want it, without arrows.

- In Top/Plan View draw the 2D appearance you want, including arrows.

- Select both the 2D and 3D parts and create a hybrid symbol, with option of leave instance in place.

This will give you a 3D stair with the 2D appearance you want.

PS One step that I forgot to add above:

- Once you have the 3D stair modelled as you want it switch to a 3D view and Convert the PIO to a Group

This makes it a 3D object only rather than a 2D/3D object. Then when you make it into a hybrid symbol the only 2D you will see is the 2D you have drawn.

[ 03-19-2006, 09:55 PM: Message edited by: mike m oz ]

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