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I have single symbol that has 4 different records attached. All 4 records have a common field 'Slot ID'. I am trying to put together a worksheet database of all of the objects. The criteria for the database any of the 4 records present.  The column header is currently, ='Type Record'.'Slot ID'. I am looking for help to get all 4 records field 'Slot ID' to populate in 1 column. Is this possible? it feels like it should be but cannot seem to get my head wrapped around it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes it's possible.  Not sure from your question if


A.  Only one of the 4 record formats will have any data for Slot ID and you want to return just the one that has data




B.  2 or more of the record formats will have data and you want to put them all together.


If A is true then you need to do a nested IF/THEN/ELSE statement that can get a little tricky.  Or use a simple worksheet script (much more manageable and readable).


If B is true then you need to concatenate all the records together.  This is done with =CONCAT(something, something else, a third thing)


I'll attach an example of B.  If you need A, post back 🙂 


Whichever method you use, that column will not be usable for 2 way data.  You can't type in a new value in the worksheet for one of the symbols for one of the record formats for a particular symbol and have it change the data.  You will need to keep another worksheet with individual columns for each record format for that.



Record Slot ID.vwx

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