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1/4" Structural wood screws - reasonable facsimiles of Simpson SDS25xxx series

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Sorry I don't know how to reduce VW2022 file size.

I was originally going to create a plugin to draw these but my lack of experience in using helix paths and extrude along path in a script put a kybosh into that effort for now. I suspect scripting these constructions into symbols as needed would be far less of a memory hog than placing all of them into a file but the symbols are a start if anyone can use them.

In the Simpson product the tread dies back into the shaft at the top end, there is a fillet to the underside of the head and possibly to the washer transition from the bolt head facets. 

Simpson SDS25xxxSERIES v2019.vwx Simpson SDS25xxxSERIES v2022.vwx

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