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Hello everyone, I would like to create a shortcut for editing the view area when creating the layout. I want to use this one to go straight to the Edit Boundary pane and Add to the View Pane. Maybe someone can help me how to do this with script for a menu command.

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To clarify, you would like a shortcut to allow editing the Viewport Crop of a viewport?


It also sounds like you want to automatically edit the Crop when a new viewport is created.


Do you know that you can create a crop object and leave it selected BEFORE you run the Create Viewport menu command and that object will be used as the crop?


Do you know that you can right click on a viewport and choose Edit Crop?


Tell us more about what you really want and why and maybe we can help with a solution. If I am reading your request correctly, I am guessing that it would take me at least 3-4 hours to make a script that works properly. The script would have to include all of the viewport creation options so it would get complicated very quickly.

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I really only want to be able to add the "Edit view boundary" and "Add to view area" commands as menu commands in the menu area of my working environment. If we could do that, I could add a shortcut to these commands. Since I have to create a lot of layouts, I want to reduce the clicks as a time saver.

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Can you send me a screen shot highlighting the operations you want to do?  I see you are in Germany so I am assuming you are not using the English version as the translations you are using don't exactly match the names used in the English version. I want to make sure I am working on the commands you actually want.


I think Edit Bounday is actualy Edit Crop.  I have no idea what "Add to View Area" is in the English version.

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Ergänzungen = Annotations

Begrenzung = Crop


There does not appear to be a way using Vectorscipt or Python Script or Marionette to go directly to the edit mode of either of these Viewport Groups.


The best option I can offer is set the Doppleklick: to the option you use most often and learn to right click and choose the edit option for the other one.


And hope that I am wrong and that there is a way to directly edit them. 😉

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On 5/12/2022 at 9:12 AM, Pat Stanford said:


Do you know that you can right click on a viewport and choose Edit Crop?


Move the mouse near a viewport in question, then right click for the contextual menu. Near the bottom of the list it will show "edit crop" (in your language of course).

That would only be a single click to access a viewport's crop. No script required.

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