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Offering VW Consultation and Training


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To those who may be interested in learning a particular aspects of the program. I have over 16 years of experience with Vectorworks software. I've used to software to provide clients a variety of services. I can help beginners find their way. I might even be able to help a more seasoned user with a fresh perspective. There a few areas that I specialize in like Camera Match and terrain model imports and grading plans. Along with some addition areas like rendering basics.


Vectorworks is a complex program and their are many ways to achieve and end result!


If you have any topic you are interested in discussing I'm interesting in hearing it! This forum is a great source for information and many here have helped me develop this skill set.


if you are looking to further your skill in a specific area please reach out with a dm or post here, I'd be happy to discuss further.

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I am a 10+ year user (since Mini-Cad) who can navigate and modify (to a small degree) documents... but I have never learned how to create a doc from scratch.

I still need clairty on Sheet view and viewports.

please tell me what time zone you are in (I am in PST- Seattle area).

Please tell me your rate structure, so I can know if I can even afford your services.


Many thanks,




Killian Collins


310-738-2217 mobile



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