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Adding trussing to library

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I would like to add my own trussing to the Vectorworks library in order to use these in a Braceworks calculation. I've received the 3D cad files from the manufacturer and I'm able to open these in Vectorworks, no problem. But then? I've converted the DWG's to symbols - convert to truss(braceworks) But I can't seem to get the "auto attach" when inserting truss parts to work. Is there a step by step guide on how to get this to work?


I also notice that I can't add bridles to the truss. Huh?


All your help is appreciated!



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Hi @DylanvanEgmond


Adding trusses to Spotlight can be done but it isn't quite as simple as just importing a DWG
The thread linked below covers the basics of preparing a truss symbol, there is one step missing though as this was from before we added truss magnets in the 2022 release, so after you have finished the process in the linked thread you will need to run the update truss magnets command from the tools>utilities menu to add them and then configure them correctly inside the symbol geometry


Additionally if you want your custom truss symbol to work fully with Braceworks you will need access to the manufacturers structural data to create a Braceworks cross section profile for the truss, the thread below describes how to enter this data. Please note we take no responsibility the accuracy for user created cross sections.


Out of interest what truss are you trying to create?

it may already be on the content teams creation list


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Thanks for this! This seems a bit more complicated than I thought 🙂

But i'll give it a try.


The truss(mothergrid) that we are using is Slick Superbeam. Is it on the list? 🙂

Do you happen to know how I can add bridles to a build trusssystem. For instance our mothergrid.



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1 hour ago, DylanvanEgmond said:

Do you happen to know how I can add bridles to a build trusssystem. For instance our mothergrid

Do you mean to hang the mothergrid?

or to hang trusses from the mothergrid?

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