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Photometric Grid does not refresh to zero

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I have a lighting test model with:

  • Layer 1   A stage mockup
  • Layer 2  A single Lighting Device (Altman Micro) focused to the only Focus Point in the file, named "A"
  • Layer 3  A 5x5  Photometric Grid surrounding the Focus Point A.


The photo grid always displays values, always the same values, whenever the light device is present in the file, including:

  • If the light is on or off (yes, refresh the grid)
  • If the light layer is active or not (refresh the grid)
  • If the light layer is visible or not, and active or not (refresh the grid)
  • If I move the light & focus to the photo grid layer and toggle the light on/off (refresh the grid)


The only ways I found to zero out photo grid:

  • Delete the light from the the file and refresh the grid
  • Change the light focus designation to a non existing focus name (eg no focus is named "0") and refresh grid
  • Delete the focus point and refresh the grid


Is that all expected?  Shouldn't the photo grid values all revert to zero if the light is switched off eg via lighting palette, or the light is on an invisible layer?


Doesn't really matter, I'm just exploring, but rather surprised.

Or something I need to do differently?





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The photo grid does not pay attention to the actual light object. It does not take into account color, shadows, other geometry, layer or class settings.

The calculation is a simple cosine squared falloff based on the candlepower specified in the Light Info Record and the distance between the lighting device and the focus point.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

No, The photo metric tools do not know about the rendered light at all. The on/off status and intensity percentage of the light is irrelevant as far as the photometric objects are concerned.
Most people use the "Draw Beam" option if they want to be selective about which lights are or are not included in the calculation.

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