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splay wall


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We don't have v12 so can't comment too much, but this seems like a perfect example of a "new feature" added to VW that doesn't work properly. Are the new tools not fully tested prior to release? Obviously not. This sort of problem is why we are very hesitant to upgrade until maintenance versions are released.


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There are improvements in 12.0.1 that solve some issues with this. However you will still see a surround on the exterior side. Here is why:

When cutting a hole in a wall, the largest geometry controls the size of the hole cut. So when you have a splay, a large hole is produced leaving space around the window on the exterior. We have to draw geometry that fills in this space on the exterior wall. This is what we refer to as "fakewall". This fakewall is then textured to match the wall style. So when rendered the fakewall appears to be part of the wall.

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We have not downloaded 12.01 yet, for a number of reasons:

1. We are only just getting used to 12 and a company can not keep changing its programme every few months - it is simplty not cost effective to keep changing methods of work, templates, retraining, revising existing project files, etc - every 2 years is reasonable.

2. Also we have learnt not to upgrade first and listern and learn from other user's experience and problems - and 11.5 had loads, 12 had few and 12.01 has quiet a few and has not appeared

to sort 12's problems - so is it really worth it?

3. NNA should test and iron out problems before release. Great to add the splay but then not to look at the effects of it in elevation is stupid and even more stupid not to resolve it in 12.01! I thought it was a 3D programme?

Thanks Dave for your suggestion to resolve the splay problem but what has been sold as an improvement simply has not been thought out and does not work and creates more complex work to resolve - typical - NNA should be trying to make CAD simpler and quicker - especially for the smart user!

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Let me clarify that this surround will ONLY be seen in wireframe. In 12.0.1 we fixed the HL rendering problems and this surround will not be shown in Hidden Line renderings.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

12.0.1 contains fixes for the most pressing issues with 12.0.0. It does not require changing "methods of work, templates, retraining, revising existing project files, etc." I don't know of any new problems from it; the only concerns have been things that weren't improved. It should be a no-brainer upgrade.

As Dave mentioned, the splay "issue" is *only* in wireframe, not in anything that should be used for final presentation. No resolution of any sort should be needed, just use whichever rendering method you desire for your elevations.

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Have now downloaded 12.0.1 but must admit see no difference?! I think the splays are going in elevation. Have a couple of questions on that if anyone can help:

1. How do you know you have successfully downloaded 12.0.1? VW still opens as 12.0 and is named as 12.0 in the top L/H name plate.

2. 12.0 and 12.0.1 are both shown in 'all programmes' and not in 'add/remove programmes'!?

3. 11.5 and 11.5.1 are still shown in 'add/remove programmes' and taking over 830 mb of space - I try to remove them and they can not be removed!?

Anybody else confused or have you got it sorted?

Any help appreciated.

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I am experiencing a problem when trying to use the "Brick Sill" feature. The brick sill when configured to a slanted 4" rowlock with a 1" projection beyond the face of the masonry wall puts the sill hanging "out in space" 5" away from the face of the wall. I have downloaded the 12.1 upgrade but am unsure 12.1 is running as it still says 12.0 in the header.

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