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Tapered or Pitched Open Web Roof Trusses

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There is an old Truss 4 Web plug-in on Vectordepot. I still have it on VW2020 but never carried it over to newer versions because I never used it + always modelled my own from scratch instead. I'm not sure if it's still available. This is it:






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Guest Wes Gardner

For me, the quickest way to create a truss is to model it using extrudes...draw it in 2D in "front view" and then extrude it 1 1/2" or whatever the thickness will be...in the image, I did just that as a "check" on the truss manufacturer's work as far as the heel condition, etc.  obviously Vectorworks does not do the analytics that a truss program does...but you WILL get a VERY good idea of what you're dealing with...The roof was a combination of scissors trusses and dimensional lumber.


Framing Model.png

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