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Scaling Image Prop?



When you scale an image prop's 3D polygon, it doesn't also scale the image. I understand why that's the case and I know how to solve it fairly easily, but is there a way to scale the image and 3D polygon simultaneously?

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Im not seen this in VW2022. In VW2022 there is no way (that I can find quickly) to scale an image prop other than typing into the OIP for the object. The scale command does not appear to work on the props I am trying to resize.


I can't find any way in VW2022 to select the image and the poly separately.



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@Pat Stanford - Modify-->Scale Selected Objects results in the behavior I'm talking about. It'll scale the plane that the image prop is on but it won't scale the texture. 


When brought in, I set the image prop as 10' x 10'




Oddly, you'd think a quick change in the texture edit would be the obvious solve after you scale it up, but

1) That would effect every use of the texture which we don't want. 

2) The data in the Edit Texture has the size defaulted to 1" - so even though it's appearing correctly at 10', if you choose to reuse that prop texture, it will show up as 1" 




@Dave Donley converting an image prop to a nurbs surface wipes the texture from the image prop and doesn't allow any texture mapping at all. Before you turn the prop into NURBS, you have to extrude it, which you can't do with an image prop. You would have to create the image as a texture first, then extrude the object, then apply the texture to the object. At that point, you are circumventing image props completely. 

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Ok here's the dumb thinking.


When you create an Image Prop, you have these settings:


So the question is, once an image prop is created, can you change the heightxwidth in image prop options to change the scale and then just change the size of your image prop after?

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It doesn't scale the image simultaneously.



For example

I bring in a 4x3" image as a prop

And then I find out from the client that the image is actually 3.75x3" 

I can't change the scale of the Image Prop in the OIP and the texture will scale accordingly


The only method I've found to do this properly is to create a new prop

Which is obviously a pain because I need to put that image prop everywhere again (if a symbol)

And reclass it, etc


Make sense? 

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