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RECORD FORMAT WITH SYMBOL - editing record format causing reset all referenced symbols text fields to default values



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This is resources/file structure we have developed in office to collect employees (users) working hours for office projects. It is working fine unless we edit record format bind to symbol...after that all already picked values in symbols in users files get all reset to default values...

Any idea why might this happen? is it bug?


We use record format as a source for project names, project stage, employee name etc, mainly pop-up types.





Symbol with text fields linked to record format:







Record format with all sorts of data:














Much appreciated any help.

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I just tried this on a simple sample and could not get the record to reset. I changed the default values of the Record Format and added a new field. None of the changes propagated to the symbol instances already in the drawing.


The only way I see this as happening is if instead of editing the Record Format that is already attached that somehow the existing record format is being deleted and then the edited version is being attached to the symbol definition.


If you can make a simple file with repeatable steps that causes the data to revert to default then it should be filed as a bug.


Or can you send me a sample file, either posting here or via DM that shows the problem and I will see if I can see anything.

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