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Assign class color & thickness to walls ...

Jack A

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Your question contains a double negative, but I think the answer is yes-yes. To do what you ask, go into the wall pref's and create (or modify) a new wall style. Click on the "edit" button and then choose "use class attributes". Now create a class, set the attributes as you like, and be sure to check "use at creation". Now select the wall(s) and place it into the class.

As an extension, you can also check "use textures at creation" and then go in and set the texture(s) you want for the left, center & right side of the wall(s).

As an extra added bonus, you might check out the VP class override feature which allows you to change class attributes in a specific VP. HTH's :-)

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I didn't know that this was an English grammar board as well ... though that was an intentional double negative. [smile]

When I click on the 'edit' button, I see options to set the thickness, color, etc, but I do not see any options to use class style. I am using VW12 Architect - if that makes any difference.

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Yes, but cannot asign class to different wall components.

How do you go from a structural drawing wall (no finishes) to an architectural wall (with finishes)using the SAME wall element as VW intends us to structure the drawing (ie: one design layer from where all plans originate via VP's)???

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